What Happened To The Heart? CD & Exclusive Fanpack


Release date: 7 June, 2024

This Bundle Contains:

  • What Happened To The Heart? CD
  • What Happened To The Heart? Exclusive Fanpack  (incl. 1CD, sticker pack, x2 polaroids, 1 lyric card, album booklet & poster)

In April 2022, AURORA read a letter that changed her life. It was co-written by indigenous activists, titled ‘We Are the Earth’, and called for a revolution: a collective response to global warming – to “heal the land”. They described being connected to the land “through our hearts”, and the earth as “the heart that pulsates within us.” The letter led AURORA to consider a question: what happened to the heart? And so she began studying books on human anatomy, wanting to understand when and why Western culture lost touch with the deeper purpose of our most vital organ.

What Happened To The Heart? is a journey from weakness to strength, from self-destruction to self-healing. A poignant and introspective musical journey that explores the loss of spiritual connection in modern society, the healing power of vulnerability, and the call to ignite change through reuniting the heart with politics and personal growth.

1. Echo Of My Shadow
2. To Be Alright
3. Your Blood
4. Conflict of the mind
5. Some Type Of Skin
6. The Essence
7. Earthly delights
8. The Dark Dresses lightly
9. A Soul with no King
10. Dreams
11. My Name
12. Do you Feel
13. Starvation
14. The Blade
15. My Body Is Not mine
16. Invisible wounds